EPLpod: Oumar Niasse is a cheat

Oumar Niasses is the first player to get booked retrospectively for cheating. Should you captain Kane this week in FPL? And why does Arsenal get such an easy run of fixtures over Christmas? 1. Support EPLpod! 2. TEAMtalk… Read More

EPLpod: Dementia for everyone!

Mike and Paul critique Alan Shearer’s new documentary Dementia, Football, and Me. 1. Support EPLpod 2. Link to the documentary 3. EatMyGoal   Link to download this thang rawdog

EPLpod: North London is RED

Arsenal pull off an impressive victory over their North London rivals; David Moyes gets off to a shambolic start at West Ham; who does Pogba think is the best striker in the Premier League? 1. Support EPLpod 2…. Read More

EPLpod: Have Spurs eclipsed Arsenal?

With Paul still being buried underneath the rubble back in the EPLpod studios, Sir Ben Teague joins Mike at the Swift Peacock to talk about the North London derby. The chaps also discuss Eriksen’s worth as compared to… Read More

EPLpod: Moyes assures Hernández of West Ham future

Moyes assures Hernández of a bright future at West Ham, but is David just paying lip service? Why do footballers use social media? Will Paul ever manage to climb his way out of the rubble? 1. Support EPLpod… Read More

EPLpod: David Moyes approves of David Moyes

Is David Moyes the right man for West Ham United? Mike and Paul speak to super agent, Jon Smith. City’s profits are down: is that a good thing for the rest of the league? Lastly, something terrible happens… Read More

EPLpod: The day the Premier League race died

Arsenal are unable to do everyone else a favour as they lose to City; Chelsea manage to beat United yet again; Everton provide thrills, spills, and even some chills against Watford. 1. Chuck Blazer Interview 2. EatMyGoal 3…. Read More

EPLpod: Will Zidane get the sack?

With Real Madrid experiencing their biggest loss against Spurs in the  Champions League since 2008 coupled with their troubles in La Liga, is it time for Zidane to get the axe? Aside from Chelsea, all other English teams… Read More

EPLpod: Fat boy Deeney at centre of #gougegate

United squeak out a victory against Spurs at home; Arsenal pick up a slick win over Swansea; Troy Deeney gouges the cheek of poor little Joe Allen. 1. Listen to our super agent chat 2. EatMyGoal 3. TEAMtalk… Read More

EPLpod: Is the Carabao Cup Bilic’s Dunkirk?

Will the big away win at Wembley provide some respite for Slaven Bilic? at West Ham? United, Arsenal, Chelsea, and City all move to the next found in the Carabao Cup. Also chappies, sign up for Patreon as you… Read More