EPLpod: Ronaldo bust a bust

Ronaldo gets honoured with possibly the ugliest, most unflattering statue ever; Liverpool get set to take on Everton; as it turns out, Sanchez makes less than half og what Wayne Rooney pulls in and that’s basically untenable, right?… Read More

EPLpod: Mike and Paul are stuck inside a dead cow

The Premier League gets put on hold as a bunch of shitty international teams battle it out in World Cup qualifiers. 1. Also, Paul accidentally ventures into the land outside of the top four; it’s a hellish sight… Read More

EPLpod: Arsene Wenger confirms Arsenal future?

City draw Liverpool at home, much to the delight of Pep; United keep up with their winning ways with a victory over Boro; Mike, Paul, and Ben take listener calls. Support EPLpod Mike on SnapChat: theonald EatMyGoal Buy… Read More

EPLpod: Monaco send City packing in Champions League

Man City get pushed out of the Champions League by plucky, little Monaco; Michael Oliver ruins the FA Cup clash between United and Chelsea; Paul shows up an hour late, yet again. Links: EatMyGoal 2. Buy Mike’s Books… Read More

EPLpod: Millwall fans disgrace themselves

United draw Rostov on an uneven, frozen pitch in the first leg of a Europa round of 16 match; Arsenal finally win a game of football; Son gets racially abused as Spurs destroy Millwall. 1. Support EPLpod 2…. Read More

EPLpod: PSG embarrassment takes heat off Arsenal

Barcelona pull themselves out from the jaws of defeat, unlike woeful Arsenal. United have to play on a crummy pitch in Russia. 1. Arsenal Fan TV 2. Support EPLpod 3. EatMyGoal 4: SnapChat: theonald Link to download this… Read More

EPLpod: Sanchez unhappiness mirrors Arsenal fanbase

Sanchez is fed up at losing Arsenal, Ibra will likely miss out on the next three matches due to his high-flying, elbow-y ways, and Kane keeps scoring goals. 1. Support EPLpod. 2 EatMyGoal 3. Mike on SnapChat: theonald… Read More

Paul Pogba

EPLpod: Paul Pogba smashed in head with plate

Liverpool loses to Leicester; the EPLpod boys get stripped of all but one of their poddys; Pogba wears stupidly expensive shoes. FIFA TOURNAMENT: paulmetcalfe416@gmail.com Support EPLpod Buy Mike’s Book EatMyGoal Link to download this thang rawdog