EPLpod: Homeless Spurs outdone by new-look Chelsea

Spurs just can’t seem to do it at Wembley as they drop all three points against Chelsea; United continue to look f-word amazing; poor, old Arsenal lose away at Stoke. 1. Support EPLpod 2. EatMyGoal Link to download… Read More

Spurs set to host Chelsea at Wembley

Chelsea look to avenge their recent loss to Burnley as they take on Spurs away at Wembley; Liverpool edge Hoffenheim; Sigurdsson (finally) signs for Everton. 1. FPL podcast “Four Point Hit” 2. Support EPLpod 3. EatMyGoal Link to download this thang… Read More

EPLpod: Manchester United look pretty fucking fabulous

Manchester United put on their best post-Ferguson performance to date; Arsenal squeak out a win against Leicester City; Chelsea lose to Burnley. You read that right, Burnley. 1. EatMyGoal 2. Support EPLpod Link to download this thang rawdog

EPLpod: Real Madrid edge United in Super Cup

Time is ticking: join our FPL league while you still can! Send Paul an email: paulmetcalfe416@gmail.com In this episode, we chat about Real Madrid, PSG, and discreet escort services. 1. EatMyGoal 2. Support EPLpod Link to download this… Read More

EPLpod: Arsenal triumph in Community Shield

The massively hungover EPLpod boyz chat about: the Community Shield, Neymar, and Mike’s relationship woes. 1. Support EPLpod 2. EatMyGoal 3. TEAMtalk Email Paul for the FPL: paulmetcalfe416@gmail.com Link to download this thang rawdog

EPLpod: Neymar to make £3,553/hr (after-tax)

Neymar is set to make boats loads of money as his father braces himself for oodles of cheddar (Is that an expression?). Big surprise: FIFA is corrupt as two-sided coin. Join our FPL: paulmetcalfe416@gmail.com 1. Support the pod… Read More