EPLpod: Arsenal and Chelsea stink up the joint

In a weekend where Arsenal and Chelsea lose, a single point in the Anfield fixture seems pretty good for United. But oh boy, City seem like a runaway train; which team will derail them? 1. Support EPLpod 2…. Read More

EPLpod: The Fall of the House of FIFA

The EPLpod boyz chat with David Conn of The Guardian on his new book, The Fall of the House of FIFA. 1. Support EPLpod 2. The Fall of the House of FIFA 3. EatMyGoal Link to download this thang… Read More

EPLpod: USMNT eat shit sandwich

Holland, Chile, and the USA all fall flat on their collective asses, failing to qualify for World Cup 2018 in Russia. Mike and Paul preview game week 8 in the English Premier League. 1. Support EPLpod 2. TEAMtalk… Read More

EPLpod: Neymar’s wages crushed the women of Santos FC

The EPLpod boyz chat with Gwendolyn Oxenham, author of Under the Lights and In the Dark: Untold Stories of Women’s Soccer. 1. Support EPLpod 2. EatMyGoal 3. TEAMTalk 4. Gwendolyn’s book Link to download this thang rawdog

EPLpod: Pizzagate resolved — Fabregas was the tosser

Is Roy Keane being completely insensitive by saying people should play chess if they don’t want to get their bell rung while playing football? Why is Giroud getting make up put on? Mike and Paul also talk a… Read More

EPLpod: Catch the Manchester clubs if you can

Manchester City get past Chelsea away from home; Manchester United cruise over a listless Crystal Palace; Arsenal pick up a much need three points against good old BHA. Also, bat fights… 1. Support EPLpod 2. TEAMtalk 3. EatMyGoal… Read More