EPLpod: Rafa Benitez gets Leicester’d

Leicester’s improbable dream takes another step towards reality, as Arsenal and Manchester City continue to blow it. Paul suffers from extreme blood loss due to glass-induced neck lacerations.

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EPLpod: Christian Benteke is a cheater!

Christian Benteke is a horrible cheater (although not in the way the photo suggests). Elsewhere, Juan Mata fucks over Manchester United; Arsenal and Spurs can’t decide who wants to win the title.

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EPLpod: Arsenal, Spurs, and City all choke

There’s trouble at the top of the table as Arsenal, Spurs, and City all lose, Leicester draw against lowly West Brom, and Louis van Gaal flies high after picking up his fourth straight win over Watford.

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Louis van Gaal

EPLpod: Horny Louis van Gaal sees off Arsenal

A seriously depleted Manchester United toss a monkey wrench in Arsenal’s plans of winning the league, Manchester City beat Liverpool to win the Capital One Cup, and Leicester City manage to keep their distance at the top.

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EPLpod: Lionel Messi shows Arsenal what a world-class striker looks like

Lionel Messi hits twice as Barcelona downs Arsenal at The Emirates in the UEFA Champions League, Liverpool get set to battle Manchester City in the Capital One Cup, and Manchester United get another kick at the can when the face Midtjylland in the Shame Cup.

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EPLpod: Just how badly are Barcelona gonna fuck up Arsenal?


Lionel Messi, Luis Suárez and Neymar travel to North London to take on Arsenal in the UEFA Champions League, Manchester United try to save face when they take on lowly Shrewsbury in the FA CUp, and West Brom’s Chris Brunt takes a coin to the eye after losing away to Reading.

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EPLpod: Manchester United face Midtjylland, PSG edge Chelsea

A Rooney-less Manchester United travel to Denmark to take on Midtjylland in the Europa League, Edinson Cavani nutmegs Thibaut Courtois for a PSG win in the Champions League over Chelsea, and Mike & Paul nerd out over Fantasy Premier League.

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EPLpod: Arsenal dispose of Leicester City, Manchester United lose to an Adam Johnson-less Sunderland

A 10-man Leicester City couldn’t hold off Arsenal, both Manchester teams eat shit, and Chelsea return to their old form.

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EPLpod: Should the English Premier League fear China?

Chinese football has bought up players like Ramires and Liverpool target Alex Teixeira. This begs the question — should the English Premier League be worried? 

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